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The demand for waterfront improvements is growing as boating increases in popularity and as the incredibly high value of waterfront property encourages owners to both protect and embellish that value. There is something out of balance between a house that is now worth $800,000 (or a multiple of that) and the lack of a dock, a rotted, unsafe dock, and/or annual shoreline erosion.

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Grays Beach Cape Cod, MAThese are just a few examples of our work. We are centrally located in West Yarmouth and work all over Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha’s Vinyard and in southeastern coastal Massachusetts. Our customers are primarily residential, but we work for a number of towns


Dock Construction by Cape Cod Docks

“We needed to replace the old dug in steps to the water on our property.  These, dropping some 37’ on a steep gradient, had been poorly engineered and poorly constructed to begin with and had become quite dangerous due to rotting timbers and undercutting at the bottom due to increased tidal activity.  So we started over and had it all re-engineered and conservation commission approved and put the job out for bids.

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