Dock Construction by Cape Cod Docks

“We needed to replace the old dug in steps to the water on our property.  These, dropping some 37’ on a steep gradient, had been poorly engineered and poorly constructed to begin with and had become quite dangerous due to rotting timbers and undercutting at the bottom due to increased tidal activity.  So we started over and had it all re-engineered and conservation commission approved and put the job out for bids.

Now comes the fun part as to why we chose Cape Cod Docks and why, skipping to the end for the moment, we would recommend them without hesitation to anyone for any project regardless of its scope.  We had three firms bidding on the project.  All three sent authorized people to look at the project site prior to bidding.  There were two burly men and then ….. there was Jennifer Henry from Cape Cod Docks, who looks a lot like Sara Jessica Parker only with a bigger, brighter smile.  More importantly, she also exuded an air of competence and professionalism.  My wife and I trusted her immediately, and hoped that her bid would come in within the general ballpark of the other two since we really wanted her on the project.  Imagine our delight when her bid was roughly a third less expensive than the other two, and was far more professionally detailed!

Jennifer oversaw our project from start to finish, quickly clearing up any potential glitches.  She sent an amazingly competent pair of skilled carpenters (Adrian the foreman, and Jeff.)  Our new plans called for the last section of dug in steps to be replaced by stairs with a helical anchor at the bottom to hold them in place against any tidal action.  In addition, the dug in section had the spaces between risers filled with ¾” bluestone – very handsome.  Everything was impeccably done (the carpentry is more like finish work than rough work), and the site was left completely clean and devoid of construction debris.

To return to my statement above, my wife and I would not hesitate to enthusiastically recommend Cape Cod Docks to anyone – in fact, we already have!”

Julian Baird

Orleans, MA


Since 1965 I have owned a property on the tip of the Port Way Finger on the Bass River Estuary in West Dennis – initially a summer cottage and, since the mid 1980’s, a year round home.  In the early days few, if any of the properties on the Fingers had seawalls but, now, practically all of us have had these installed – and the majority of these are wooden structures.

About 4 years ago my neighbor on the other side of the tip of the Port Way Finger and I decided to replace our wooden seawalls with vinyl structures. Vinyl offers a number of advantages over wood, including structural strength, longevity, more readily achieved watertight construction and no erosion or deterioration from the sometimes choppy water on the outside of the seawall.

With the help of an engineering firm, we solicited bids from proven seawall installation contractors. We received a number of proposals, carefully evaluated them and chose Cape Cod Docks, Inc. That proved to be a great choice for a number of reasons: They were the low bidder, and owner, Larry Demers, and general manager, Jennifer Henry, provided excellent professional management of the entire project.

In addition, and this is like keeping the best wine until last, the crew they assigned to the installation was truly outstanding. And, to say that I was pleased with the finished product is a gross understatement.  Further, because the new seawall was 1 to 2 feet higher than my old wooden seawall, Cape Cod Docks modified the stairs from the top of the seawall and the gangway to my floats, and also replaced my two old floats with one longer float – a great move.

As a result of all this, I believe that my neighbor’s and my joint seawall around the tip of the Port Way Finger in West Dennis can serve as a model for seawalls up and down the Cape.   And I will be happy indeed to recommend Cape Cod Docks to anyone planning to install a seawall on Cape Cod.  My sincere and happy thanks to Cape Cod Docks, Inc. – to you, Larry and Jennifer, and to the great crew you assigned to carry out the installation.

Michael J. Mulcahy  10 Berkeley Court  Brookline, MA 02445-6848

Tel/Fax: 617-739-1927  email: mulcahymj@aol.com


Cape Cod Docks Stairway to a Heavenly Beach

“It was an easy decision to partner with CCD to create and build our new dock system four years ago – their staff are flexible and the product is incredibly well-constructed.
Thanks to Cape Cod Docks, we have a solution that will last us for decades, and keep our campers and staff safe.
In addition, we were able to spend the money locally and help the Cape Cod economy – two factors that cannot be overlooked.
We love our docks!”
Will Rubenstein
Director, Camp Wingate*Kirkland


“Your bridges are terrific – and as I said – will undoubtedly be there for years after we’re both gone! I write this note of thanks and congratulations on behalf of the museum, the trustees and the donors. You have done a wonderful job and we thank you.”

Susan P. Lindquist

Executive Director

Cape Cod Museum of Natural History


“Today I went to West Dennis and had a delightful surprise, thanks to you!

Your construction of a new pier and gangplank is outstanding…. It’s a first rate job and hard to find people today who turn out first rate work.”

M. O’B.

Milton MA

“In regard to our dock at New Seabury, just a note to express our appreciation for the job well done! It appears to be very solidly built and the workmanship and details quite fine, and we are appreciative of the fact that you delivered it exactly when you promised.

We will call you in the fall and spring, etc. for the seasonal dock removal.”

J. S.

New Seabury